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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Venture |

PlanControl, an app to find out what you should phone plan [FW Startups]

PlanControl, an app to find out what you should phone plan [FW Startups]

Do you use every minute of your mobile phone plan? Do you ever run out of money to make ends meet in prepaid? With that in mind, Francisco Vergara and a peer group of the University of Concepcion in Chile created PlanControl , an application to keep track of what you use and if the plan suits you hired you need, or if you should change to another.

The application is available for Android and and download user requests some data, such as your company minute recharge date, numbers and other characteristics linked to measure what the person speaking. The app is designed to offer plans that exist in Chile, but can also be set up a special plan in case you’re a member of one not listed. We spoke with the CEO of the company, Francisco Vergara, who explained more of their enterprise in this FW Startup .

FW – Is there a fee? What is your business model?

Francisco Vergara - For users the app is free. Whenever determines that a user may be in a better plan that has now changed recommends application, assists with the process, for every customer who comes by us the company we pay a specific fee.

FW – What project has obtained financing?

Francisco Vergara - We have raised an investment Angel Luis Ahumada, Mediastream current CEO and a fund of Biobío Innova profiling. We are currently preparing a seed input from CORFO and an uprising Series A private investment funds.

FW – What sets them apart from other solutions?

Francisco Vergara - In Chile there are mobile that analyze your phone bill and determine which plan is best for you phone, in Latin America either, so we’re pretty well with the difference at that point. If we see the differences we have with online comparators could say that our recommendations are based on actual consumption of the users, however when you come to a comparator has to make assumptions for this “compare” such as going to spend, as I will discuss, etc.. Our app is simple, only install and expect to determine the most suitable plan for you.

FW – What has been the most difficult to take the project forward?

Francisco Vergara - The development has been a bit more challenging, so complex and fragmented platform. Make contact with telecommunication companies has also been complex are large companies with high bargaining power, yet we were able to get by because we have a very attractive and we are already starting to serious negotiations with some of them.

FW – Who makes up the team?

We are a young team with an average age 24 years and all engineering students at the University of Concepción, less Francisco Abarza studying at the University Federico Santa Maria and is also Graphic designer Santo Tomas University. Francisco Vergara (Executive Director), Miguel Hermosilla (Finance Director), Donald Inostroza (Director of Technology), Francisco Abarza (Director of Design), Yeribert Galaz (Commercial Director), Paul Junge (iOS Developer).

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