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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

Plextor Launches New SSD Line stop M5 Pro

Plextor Launches New SSD Line stop M5 Pro

Some time ago we did not know some brand that would slowly be positioned in the market for solid state drives (SSD), this time taking a new step in what are high-end products. For seven months after the release of your product M3 Pro, now we see that the M5 Pro are a number of benefits that are even better to offer a new alternative in regards to mass storage.

And these devices reach speeds 540MB/seg transfer in reading and 450 MB/sec in writing, managing data flow of up to 94,000 IOPS, all thanks to a controller 88SS9187 Monet, which thanks to be multicore, is able to handle lots of traffic in unison, and this is its main virtue to make appropriate use within servers, workstations and high-stakes settings.

In addition, there are excellent safety features for the business area as an error correction system for NAND flash memeorias and 256-bit encryption as used by the U.S. Government. And last but not least, the design allows heavy use that ensures stability, since it was tested in a highly demanding environment before being mass-produced: 400 hours of intensive reading and writing without a single error.

Nothing is known of the price, but it is clear that the M5 Pro will come in capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB and 512GB, offered in a couple of weeks.

Link: Plextor Launches the M5 Pro Series Solid State Drive (WCCF Tech)

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