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Posted by on Jul 4, 2012 in Structures |

Poplar: The artificial island built the United States Army Will there be others?

Poplar: The artificial island built the United States Army Will there be others?

The United States began to spread some news related to the of an artificial island on the northwest coast of the country: Poplar.

This project has been 14 years since its inception and, through a video time lapse satellite images, you can see the evolution of its construction, the only known time.

Poplar is in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland and began construction in 1998, under the control and supervision of the Corps of Engineers U.S. Army. In the style of the artificial of Dubai, this project is based on concrete blocks in a perimeter which then began to be filled for ten years using dredged sediments off the coast of Baltimore, a city located 48 kilometers north of the island.

According to experts, this island existed in 1800 with the same form in which it is being built by the army. Erosion and rising sea levels covered it completely, so the dam and filling have made structural basis of the old natural Poplar Island.

Today, despite the great progress Imagens show, the island is only a space inhabited by the builders and engineers, freshwater turtles and over 170 bird species included the bald eagle, national emblem U.S..

The NASA’s Landsat has taken snapshots of the artificial island in recent years, which were supervised by the Department of Geological Survey of the United States of America, a process which ensured that nothing they do not want to know can be visible .

This artificial island is the first of those known in U.S. hands, how many more exist around the world who do not know?

Link: This is an artificial island that created the U.S. Army (gizmodo)

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