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Posted by on Jun 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

Possible incompatibility between the Z77 and Intel SSD OCZ

Possible incompatibility between the Z77 and Intel SSD OCZ

Many still remember the series of problems that crossed the now “old” chipsets Intel 6 Series “Cougar Point” with your disk controller SATA and SSD incompatibilities with some problems that were solved in later revisions accompanied by a update both the BIOS of the motherboard to affected SSDs themselves.

Apparently though the new Z77 has recently being launched, are beginning to report problems point to a possible incompatibility between the and the SSD. The problem manifests itself in the form of intermittent operation, ie, the is working properly at power up, but this disappears or ceases to be recognized in subsequent reboots.

Those OCWorkbench comment that they also encountered similar problems on a motherboard ASRock Z77 with SSD Kingston, which strangely began after the BIOS update you, so everything points to that as well as with the Intel 6 series, these problems may be resolved at some future firmware update provided by Intel for motherboards based on chipsets 7 series “Panther Point”, as long as these are not just isolated cases.

Link: OCZ SSD incompatibility with Intel Z77 series motherboards? (OCWorkbench)

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