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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Internet, Science |

Possible pyramids in Egypt are using Google Earth

Possible pyramids in Egypt are using Google Earth

To the delight of all sedentary Indiana Jones, an archaeologist named Angela Micol identified using two sites that could be ancient pyramids of have not yet been discovered, as confirmed by the Egyptologist Nabil Selim , who speculates that its size could have been built during the XIII dynasty of Egypt.

Michal has over 10 years identified through satellite imagery with potential archaeological sites, and rely entirely on the accuracy of their discovery. “The images speak for themselves. Obviously what’s on those sites, but we need field investigation to verify that they are indeed pyramids, “said Michal.

The location of the sites identified by the archaeologist will be kept secret until the proper authorities are notified in order to protect the sites. In addition, plans to raise funds Micol to make a documentary that includes many of the sites it has identified over the past decade through Google Earth , as a possible underwater city near the Yucatan Peninsula.

Link: Amateur archaeologist possible Finds pyramids using Google Earth (Engadget)

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