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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

PowerColor announces its new Radeon HD 7990

PowerColor announces its new Radeon HD 7990

A gives virtually the same as AMD does not give its approval to the Radeon HD 7990 Devil 13 , a recently launched dual monster. In fact, go and take a second model “custom” of the HD 7990, less prohibitive budgets for the Devil 13.

PowerColor Radeon HD simply call 7990, the differences between this and older sister are in the clock frequencies that come by default: 900 MHz on the GPU, which can reach 925 MHz activating the switch from Bios. The rest of the specifications remain pretty much the same: triple fan, 6 GB of GDDR5 memory (3 GB each), and a 384-bit bus to 1375MHz.

Basically, it is a limited version and not closer to the mob (in what may be the concept) in the same Devil 13, which was a limited edition which only 500 units were made. The price of the HD 7990 from PowerColor has not officially yet, but there is speculation that should be around $ 800 or $ 900.

Link: POWERCOLOR FOR HARDCORE GAMERS Introduced HD7990 (PowerColor Official Site)

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