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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

Preliminary version? AMD FX-8350 CPU to the test?

Preliminary version? AMD FX-8350 CPU to the test?

Starting this week, Obrovsky, the noted critic of AMD, announced it would perform some preliminary tests to a copy of AMD FX-8350 microprocessor Vishera , tests that were published a few hours ago.

To begin reveals that the image of the die of Vishera published yesterday actually not for Vishera, but a G34 socket Opteron core based on Abu Dhabi (Piledriver micro-architecture).

The microprocessor is a preliminary issue (engineering test) with OR-C0 stepping, and was tested on a motherboard ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z, but unfortunately, the motherboard does not support it expressly for this chip, so evidence may not be conclusive, because apart from unstable behave, do not know if the other features of the chip as Turbo mode are fully functional.

Without further ado here OBR tests:

Preliminary version? AMD FX-8350 CPU to the test? image 2

Although the and have different operating frequencies:

Frequency: 4.0GHz
Turbo All Cores: 4.1GHz
Turbo Core: 4.2GHz

Frequency: 3.6GHz
Turbo All Cores: 3.9GHz
Turbo Core: 4.2GHz

Note: All Turbo applies to Cores eight cores, while Turbo Core applied to only half of the cores (four), so that in applications that use fewer than four processing threads that have work to both the same frequency (4.2GHz), while in applications that use more than four threads, or all threads (5 to 8), have the FX-8350 which operates at a higher frequency compared to 200MHz FX -8150 (4.1GHz 3.9GHz vs).

Assuming Turbo mode has worked well, we have that in single threaded applications tested appreciate improved from 1.8 to 4.9%, difference grows to 15.6% in multi-threaded applications, averaging a 9.9% improvement of FX- 8350 compared with FX-8150.

Not knowing if all the features of the chip has malfunctioned we can not draw any conclusions from these results, so we will be outstanding if you later make their appearance new benchmarks with motherboards with BIOS updated to ensure that the microprocessor to operate correctly and stably (what which is not the case of this preview).

Link: Preview: AMD FX-8350 (Piledriver) … last desktop CPU performance ever! (OBR)

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