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Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Entertainment |

Prepare for the Cats Video Festival!

Prepare for the Cats Video Festival!

The Internet Cat Video Film Festival (ICVFF) will be held on August 30 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as part of Open Field, a summer project of the Walker Art Gallery offers various outdoor recreational activities.

He is inviting people in the area to participate in this festival of video of cats, where they themselves are the judges of the videos more funny and poignant event. They may also nominate their favorite video to participate, whether you see a cat or a cat himself completely unknown.

As we all know, the internet today is full of Cats who want to dominate it, control it or save it in the name of humanity, in fact it is estimated that 80% of Internet videos are cats and the end of 2013 the figure increased to 345% so that the most prudent to have the cats happy and not wait for us Mujercito attack with a ninja star.

Link: The Internet Cat Video Film Festival: my concept of heaven (Guardian News)

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