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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

Prepare for the mouse with fan

Prepare for the mouse with fan

Surely not the first with in the world, and with this we get the shield if there is another floating around that we do not know, however, we know that for many readers this will be the first device of this kind, and in fact, the manufacturing company have estimated that the first “gamer mouse with fan”, they say. This is the Black Thermaltake Element Cyclone Edition , with the word “Cyclone” acquiring a quite literal connotation in relation to the product.

Because as shown in the image, which appears to joke, there is a large fan on the top of the peripheral, which is capable of rotating at 6,000 revolutions per minute, looking to deliver freshness into the hands of compulsive gamer, probably to dry wet hands or simply cool the heat of a battle …

Whatever the purpose, the Element Black Edition (respite) has a laser sensor with support for 6.500dpi, also offering adjustable weights that can be removed to make the mouse lighter or heavier, according to the needs of each. It also lights up and comes in various colors.

Returning to the fan, we still say that this can be removed if looks pretty ridiculous not want to use, so anyway this product becomes an interesting alternative for enthusiastic users who will have to pay USD $ 80 for the device to be launched soon in the United States.

Link: Thermaltake cures clamminess with $ 80 Cyclone Edition gaming mouse (Engadget)

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