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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Science, Software |

Preventive Medicine: Birth of a software that analyzes language

Preventive Medicine: Birth of a software that analyzes language

cc @ Marek_Bernat

XXI century moves forward with new software … based on ancient Chinese medicine. Its developers, researchers at the (USA), can be predicted by analyzing the language, if the owner of it needs to go to the doctor or not.

How it works The system takes images of the tongue and analyzed by checking the color and surface condition. According to present the symptoms classified as hot or cold (states in which lies the body in general and not deal directly with temperature), to get an idea of whether something is wrong.

Symptoms: inflamed taste buds, different shades of color … A white coating indicate zheng (the physical condition of the body) cold and yellows and reds would think of a hot zheng. This software may indicate then, based on traditional Chinese medicine, which may be a gastroenteritis.

The researchers took seriously test the functionality of their software and analyzed a few languages: those of 48 healthy subjects and those of 263 patients with gastroenteritis. Came out victorious when classifying people according to the status of your zheng.

Future Plans: Bringing software worldwide and create an application for our smart phones. We ourselves do the photo of our tongues for the application to tell us if our zheng is unbalanced and thus alerts us to potential diseases …

Reasons for the creation of this innovation: Make most popular used as an alternative therapy. And by the way we learn to learn more about our body and how it is expressed. Experts say that just as with the soles of the feet, in the language is also represented each body part: Near the tip is the heart, then the lungs, kidney back …

We will have a reason to stick out my tongue to the mobile phone in the morning …

Link: A software based on Chinese medicine health controls the analysis of language (Trends 21)

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