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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Internet |

PRISM reveal new information confirming realtime spy

PRISM reveal new information confirming realtime spy

Was discussed at length the scandal triggered by the project , a program of the government that brought out espionage methods to the population that are carried out with the collaboration of companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! , among several others.

And now the Washington Post has revealed four new slides part of an internal official presentation of the project, adding that information about PRISM far only suspected or known. For example, it is confirmed that PRISM can monitor digital communication channels in real time, without specifying which providers are used to that but involving instant messaging services and email.

On the other hand, it is revealed that up to April 5, 2013 had 117 675 active targets being monitored by the U.S. agency National Security Agency (NSA). This information was obtained from a slide that shows the user interface or control console where the agents query the PRISM database, which you can see below:

PRISM reveal new information confirming realtime spy image 2

Link: New PRISM slides: more than 100,000 ‘active surveillance targets,’ explicit mention of Real-time monitoring (The Verge)

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