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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Science |

Private Capsule Dragon begins its journey back to Earth

Private Capsule Dragon begins its journey back to Earth

The capsule, the first private spacecraft to reach the for its acronym in English-just this morning decouple the orbital outpost after successfully completing his first mission. It also estimated that it could be arriving on the Pacific at 15.44 GMT.

“The decoupling of the Dragon (SpaceX-D3) Node2 port of the ISS manipulator arm using the SSRMS was successfully completed,” said a spokesman for the Flight Control Center (LCC) Russian.

The SSRMS arm took about 2 hours to move the ship at a distance of ten meters from the station and then release it into space at about 10.10 GMT. LCC coach said four hours later, the spacecraft will fire its engines to the drive until peaking.

The return of this ship is scheduled for 15.44 GMT to fall on the waters of the Pacific, several miles southwest of California, USA.

Thus ends the first mission of this procurement vehicle of the private . Also, Americans have recovered part of the supply of astronauts who are dwelling in the ISS task last year was in Russian hands after Washington decided to cancel its space shuttle program.

Earth Dragon will bring about 600 kilograms of cargo from the ISS, where the group of astronauts living at the station was responsible for loading the ship, this according to statements by the VCB.

This capsule was designed to carry up to six tons of cargo into space and bring about three tons of return, because this joining the space program will allow the ISS to Earth to bring the results of various scientific experiments carried out in the space.

Link: SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule Returns to Earth Today: How to Watch Online (Space)

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