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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Science, Venture |

Private company plans to build a space elevator on the surface of the Moon

Private company plans to build a space elevator on the surface of the Moon

No joke. LiftPort is a long-term group plans to build a elevator from the ground, but before that, try to build a space elevator on the moon. According LiftPort, this can be achieved with current technology in about 8 years, and would be a vital step before achieving building a space elevator on Earth.

Before accomplish that, initiated a campaign in the website Kickstarter to raise funds with which they want to raise our platform raises a 2km into the sky that a can climb. This would be an initial step needed to develop the rest.

In this first campaign (and warned that more will come), the project has been nothing less than USD $23,192, surpassing its initial goal of $8,000, leaving still 15 days to accept donations.

As they raising more money, the company will propose broader goals, such as adding more sensors, protections and of course, the extension of the lift to greater heights, to achieve one day, as they claim, the possibility of reaching space with an elevator.

The elevator on the could be used to carry cargo from the surface to a height where a spacecraft from Earth can be withdrawn. LiftPort opinion that the lift is easier to build on the moon because of the lower gravity and lack of atmosphere, although the project would cost $800 million and the study to see if it is feasible to about USD $3 million.

Link: Is LiftPort Kickstarting A Space Elevator – For The Moon (Forbes)

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