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Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Hardware News |

Problems with AMD Catalyst A-install Utility and Windows 8

Problems with AMD Catalyst A-install Utility and Windows 8

For several years offers users its independent utility-install A Utility, which makes it easy to remove all traces of AMD Catalyst team, in order to proceed with a clean install of a new version of the drivers, or to install a video card from another brand.

Although AMD explains on its website that this is only compatible with Windows 7, some users of decided to use it with unfortunate consequences, causing crashes and instabilities in the system blue screens, malfunctioning USB ports and even which USB ports stop working.

A way to prove how damaging the operating system is this utility, I tried it on a notebook based on the E-240 APU with Windows 8, after finishing their work seemingly without problems, the utility suggested I restart the computer, but after doing , everything seemed to run smoothly, but these were manifested after installing a newer version of the drivers, siéndome enable flash acceleration impossible without the computer froze.

Before using the utility, I created a restore point, which I returned, being remedied all so apparently causing problems AMD Catalyst A-install Utility to Windows 8 are real, and not recommended for users use this operating system, as specified by AMD.

AMD says it is developing a new version of its utility, which will also be compatible with Windows 8, which will release in the coming days or weeks.

A Windows 8 users who wish to remove AMD drivers, can do so without problems desinstalándolos the traditional way from the control panel, and if they want to clean up the traces of the installation can use utilities like Fusion Driver . With this method I managed to successfully update drivers to Catalyst 13.4 WHQL Catalyst 13.6 Beta 2 today, without creating any problems or instability in Windows 8.

Link: Noch immer Probleme mit AMD Catalyst Uninstall Utility (Computer Base)


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