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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Hardware News |

Problems with Flash on Chrome (finally) have been resolved

Problems with Flash on Chrome (finally) have been resolved

Yes, we did not realize and I got the version 21 of web browser, responding to a spectacularly swift pace of updates, which recently found out thanks to the automatic download and installation without user consent.

But regardless of what the news is that it implemented a system or “confinement in a sandbox” for the plugin, causing major faults while using Chrome and also accused of being guilty of causing the few, perhaps only, there are security flaw in the browser, which was discovered during the Pwn2Own hacking competition this year.

It happens that even Chrome 20, ran like a Flash plugin more free and not locked in a safe environment, which is known as a sandbox. This, because it requires greater access to the hardware level to activate certain functions, such as performance acceleration through the graphics chip (GPU). Now, while locked in the box, was used for the new architecture complements PPAPI developed by Google and was implemented in conjunction with Adobe, in a collaboration that lasted nearly two years.

PPAPI allows even in the has access to hardware acceleration, among other things that provide better stability of the browser, in a closed environment in case of falls and in fact, showing a crash rate 20% lower.

No doubt this is a breakthrough and perhaps the ultimate solution to control problems caused by Flash in Chrome, which form part of the largest number of complaints from users in terms of performance and user experience, clogging even in high security around the browser.

Link: FULLY Chrome sandboxes Flash, you reduce crashes by 20 per cent (Hexus)

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