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Prohibits drafting error computers and smartphones in Florida, USA. UU.

Prohibits drafting error computers and smartphones in Florida, USA.  UU.

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is prohibited in the state of Florida , United States, so it was amended to combat anti-gambling law to restrict because people without computer could use to access these online casinos. However, due to a drafting error, the state banned accidentally all smartphones computers and Florida.

The amendment came into force last April and sought to expand the old concept of slots , redefining a slot machine illegal in that state as “any machine or device or system or network of devices” that can be used to place bets. In other words, just about anything (to the TI-89 has applications slot ).

While this is nothing more than a curiosity fueled by loopholes in legal fight, it does motivate us to question about privacy in the network after the revelation of PRISM , for an argument that proponents often use the saying “he who nothing done, nothing to fear ‘(or’ if you’re not a terrorist, do not worry about the fact that I spy ‘).

The problem in relation to the violation of our privacy is that due to the large number of rules that one may violate unknown without even knowing (as found in Miami and have an application on your smartphone slot), if a government is fully aware of our acts – acquired through espionage networks as PRISM – is only a matter of time before we find any kind of fault or crime. We are all criminals possibly unknowingly.

Link: Florida Accidentally Did Ban All Computers and Smartphones? (Gizmodo)

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