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Posted by on Jun 20, 2013 in Internet |

Project Chess: How Skype calls shared with intelligence agencies

Project Chess: How Skype calls shared with intelligence agencies

Silicon Valley continues in the eye of the storm after it was revealed the surveillance program . While companies like Google , Facebook or Apple wash their hands saying they did not know the program, other companies have implemented programs to facilitate access to information to government agencies.

Such is the case of Skype, who in 2008 initiated the Project Chess program would be responsible for exploring the legal and technical issues to share calls to the intelligence agencies. began when the company was still a subsidiary of eBay and it came at the same time the company was in a legal dispute with the government. A source revealed to the New York Times that the project was secret and known for less than a dozen people within Skype.

With Project Chess, Skype seek to have control of the process to share information to the intelligence agencies. The source indicates that companies are under strong pressure from the National Security Agency (NSA) to make access easier. According to information leaked by Edward Snowden , Skype PRISM joined the February 6, 2011, before Microsoft bought it .

The data protection rights have Skype to talk about, after the company was acquired by the Redmond giant. In January this year , Reporters Without Borders issued a letter to executives of Skype and Microsoft in which showed the concern of access to information.

Link: Web’s Reach Binds NSA and Silicon Valley Leaders (The New York Times)

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