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Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Internet |

Project Loon: Google wants to give internet access with balloons

Project Loon: Google wants to give internet access with balloons

Although it had been rumored something about this project, Google has made ​​it official and one of his crazy new projects in her laboratory of ideas Google {x}, Loon Project , an effort by Google to provide Internet access to areas where it is difficult to reaches a stable connection or because they are in very remote areas of the planet. But the interesting thing is the way project what they will get.

Google has always been a company that likes to experiment, there came this mysterious Google X, from which they exited products like cars that drive themselves or the same Google Glass . Projects usually have little to do with a company that is dedicated to providing internet services, but they always have something that relate.

Loon Project wants to create a network of satellite connection, but instead of satellites, use balloons in the stratosphere, about 20 miles up and away from the activity of the clouds, storms or even airplanes. The main idea is not to launch a balloon in an area where internet connection is needed because the current at this point there are going to be constantly moving these balloons. Instead, what Google wants to do with this project is to create a network of balloons that allow a particular area of ​​land, connect to the Internet without having to depend on a single balloon, and when a balloon out of the coverage area, another enters to continue providing connection.

Project Loon: Google wants to give internet access with balloons image 2

Google will use this network of balloons, custom and are only able to hear the particular signs of this connection to prevent other interrupts frequencies like a real traditional network, which deviates from the balloons connect to local antennas are interconnected each other so they can connect to a specific point, some antennas spread across the globe who are giving them internet access.

Google has launched a pilot this week in the area of ​​Canterbury, New Zealand. During this week thirty balloons were launched, the maximum number of balloons released so far in their trials to begin to spin earth and in some users of this area of ​​New Zealand will try to use this network so special to log into Internet .

Many questions remain in the air, especially the connection speed and operability can be in remote rural areas, or for example the prices they can have this kind of connections for poor areas.

We understand that this is a project to create connectivity to areas where there is, not to villages or towns may have all internet connection, if not it can be shared among neighbors using Wi-Fi, for example. Google explains in another of his videos that can be used to have better information to farmers and their crops time better, to provide better access to information and education to children and not have to move miles nearest school. Incuse access a doctor thousands of miles away.

Link: Introducing Project Loon: Balloon-powered Internet access (Google)