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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Entertainment |

Prometheus may download three weeks before its release on Blu-ray, UltraViolet via

Prometheus may download three weeks before its release on Blu-ray, UltraViolet via

(C) 20th Century Fox

The film studio 20th Century Fox plans to offer movies in high definition using the movie buying service , the system presented by the industry to join the world of internet.

The service works selling UltraViolet lifetime rights to access the digital content, the platform being responsible for properly adapt if you want to access from a computer, a TV, a console, telephone, etc. The small detail is that everything comes with content.

What is relevant is that in addition to cost around U.S. $15 for each download of a movie in HD, will be a way that users can access content three weeks before the “display window”, the time when a movie delay is passed from the film to another legal format as DVD, or streaming services like Netflix, and often accused of being primarily responsible for piracy .

The first movie that Fox plans to launch this new initiative, a discreet way to recognize that people do not want to wait much longer if the content is available online pirate, will be the science fiction film Prometheus Ridley Scott, the Alien prequel. The film will be released three weeks before his box set on Blu-ray, highly anticipated because it is believed to be nine discs and an iPad app.

Last year Hollywood studios tried to launch the content prior to the display window, which is usually four months, but wanted to charge $ 30 per film and over the protests of users (for the price) and the owners of theaters (by shrinking the display window), decided to concede and withdraw the service.

Link: Fox to offer $15 early-access UltraViolet movie downloads, starting with ‘Prometheus’ (The Verge)

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