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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Science |

Prototype of NASA’s lunar spacecraft exploded in a test (Video)

Prototype of NASA's lunar spacecraft exploded in a test (Video)

Not everything goes well for NASA, despite the spectacular success it has had so far with the rover Curiosity . By testing the Probe “Morpheus”, which was expected to send to the moon, the plane crashed and exploded at the Kennedy Center. No one was injured in the incident.

had successfully passed the previous tests, conducted with the apparatus suspended from a crane. This would be his first independent flight. The probe was able to rise a little, then leaned to one side and fell. The fire started immediately, leading to an Explosion 30 seconds later.

This means that the prototype is history. However, said they were investigating and collecting data to understand what happened and what caused this behavior. According to initial impressions, would have to do with the navigation and control system.

Morpheus is expected to function as a cargo ship for future lunar missions, being able to carry 500 kilos. Their engines work partially with methane.

The agency has invested $ 7 million over two and a half year project, and equipment was destroyed represented about USD $500,000. And another under construction that could be ready in about three months.

Link: Moon lander prototype blows up in NASA test (CNN)

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