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Proudly designed in Chile [Column]

Proudly designed in Chile [Column]

(Cc) prodrive / Flickr

Ignacio Reyes is a commercial engineer, founder of and part of the Start-Up Chile.

A few days ago, was the Apple WWDC , a spectacular event where the brand presented its new products, services and updates. Two things caught my attention mainly. The first was when the explanatory about iOS7, vice president of software development noted interesting places in the world where he had taken pictures with your phone, and the display of the show appeared nothing more and nothing less than Chile. The second was that, despite a number of innovations announced and a lot of potential to explore concepts, one of the most important communication focus of the event was that its products were “proudly designed in California.”

It’s funny what happens to us when we think about those things that are made in Chile. For some this is seen as something negative, it is even often used ironically, when something goes wrong is given the nickname of “Made in Chile” to ridicule, but few do anything about it … until now.

I am one of those rare cases where someone quits a good job in a prestigious company that he “caught the bug of entrepreneurship”. With the support of Star-Up created a company called that aims to create a unique sales channel for social networks. An e-commerce tool where brands can offer products, discounts and exclusive benefits for us fans using us as retail broker. In this context, we launched a special service for just starting, where they created for virtual shops Facebook integration, including logistics, online payment system, advertising and customer service among other things. Many of these services offer free, since much of our innovation is in the business model rather than the platform.

When we began testing this service, an entrepreneur from India and very experienced in matters of technology, began to publicly compare social networking with other foreign alternatives he knew from around the world. After an intensive analysis and several questions (very valid) finally decided to leave the foreign service used to support their venture and use our service in place, and also asked if we needed money because he wanted to invest in us. Chose a service that was proudly designed in Chile.

This is happening. Ideas competitive, differentiated and innovative are starting to be born in our country every day. In Start-Up Chile’ve heard things as striking as the recycling of pacemakers, a global map in real time disaster and a fleet of drones to topography. Book of Ideas, concepts and everything being designed leaders in Chile. Many of these companies already operate, others are growing and many others dying, is part of the healthy life cycle of innovation, it is important that we support them and help them compete and change the “chaqueteo” by the Owners, as the companies can not be perfect from the moment they are born. But above all we must leave behind the karma of past generations who failed to give value to the brand of “Made in Chile” to start to be proud of what the younger generations are doing for her.

I invite you to be the first to try the “new Chilean social network will replace Facebook”, the “Chilean new application to be number 1 in the Appstore” and support the adoption of “new service that will revolutionize Chilean company you work “because the alternatives are already there, there are people in Chile working hard to ofrecértelas and supporting them can only help generate a revolution, to ensure that at last we are confident in using those products and services that were” proudly designed in Chile. “

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