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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Internet |

Publish the laws of Germany on GitHub

Publish the laws of Germany on GitHub

The German developer Stefan Wehrmeyer created a repository that seeks to track all changes made to German law.

Wehrmeyer called on stakeholders to contribute to the project by sending the changes to the of this repository. To do this, wrote a series of Python scripts that download documents law XML format from the official site of the German government makes Markdown format to make them more readable and automatically sends the text to the repository in a standard format.

“The historical and updating of laws can not be followed easily. The reason is that laws are only published in its most recent changes to laws are not always available in a format readable by machines. This should change, “said Wehrmeyer.

Because Git can make a difference between the old version and new version uploaded to the official government site, you can display the changes in an easy to read.

It can be a tedious job, but ultimately useful for people to follow and understand the evolution of the law.

Link: Bundestag / Gesetze (via GitHub The H )

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