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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in Internet |

Purchase Pandora FM radio as a defense to the record

Purchase Pandora FM radio as a defense to the record

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is the streaming service more popular in the United States , and while it might be feared with the debut of streaming music service from Apple, iTunes Radio , this is not by far the most important issue of the company.

Pandora has a history of years fighting with the majors because the high cost of paying royalties for copyright concepts are not allowed to make big profits . The 54% of its revenue in 2011 went to pay for copyright.

In addition to the ambition of the music industry, which has not found a sustainable business model since it appeared the MP3 so dedicated to seek profit through copyright-which greatly impairs Pandora is the decision the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) of the U.S. Congress, who for some reason believes that licenses must pay higher than traditional radio AM / FM or satellite radio.

In this situation of being a service whose earnings do not reflect the huge user base that has, Pandora took the unusual step of buying a traditional FM terrestrial radio in order to ensure their music licensing. In other words, an internet radio buying a radio ‘real’ to dodge their problems with copyright.

This is because Pandora is right now in a pending lawsuit with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Distributors (ASCAP), regarding, among other things, the licensing of the songs, so as a preventative measure just bought the KXMZ-FM Radio South Dakota, ensuring well as the preferential treatment that the CRB handed traditional radios.

Link: Pandora Radio station FM buys in a wily move to fight music labels (The Verge)

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