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Q. epd Windows Live Messenger (1999-2012)

Q.  epd Windows Live Messenger (1999-2012)

(CC) aditza121

On July 22, 1999 launched Messenger, which in 2005 would change its name to Messenger, which is known to this day. Thirteen years after its release, we learn that no longer exist to merge with Skype.

In its first version, MSN weighed 320 kilobytes, had no advertising, only supported plaintexts and a single contact list. Ironies of life: I could connect to AIM, America Online chat (AOL), who never liked to users could chat with users on your network and repeatedly tried to block the service until they succeeded .

MSN Messenger went ahead and slowly began to conquer the market of instant messaging, ICQ leaving behind. When in 2005 abandoned the name MSN (Microsoft Network stands for) to rename the service as Windows Live Messenger, also premiered a VoIP service called Windows Live Call, which lasted until 2008.

In 2007 Windows joined Xbox LIVE services, adding to all Xbox 360 gamers with the instant messaging service. By the beginning of 2010, the Microsoft reached a whopping 9,000 million messages a day through 1,500 million active conversations between users.

Surprisingly, when the figure was not yet integrated the Facebook chat, which subsequently came to capture 40% market share of instant messaging services in the world (followed by Skype with 27.39%, for what Microsoft controlled 68% of the ‘market of chat’).

Microsoft bought Skype Cuand0 2011, Windows Live Messenger reached the 330 million active users each month, with a minimum of 40 million users online at any time. Currently, Windows Live Messenger has 135 million monthly active users only in Latin America. And is that the region was one of those who fervently adopted the service over alternatives such as AOL or Yahoo! Messenger.

First died Hotmail and Messenger now. Microsoft really took seriously the complete renovation of its services.

Do you think Windows Live Messenger could have been considered a social network? Everyone has stories about the use of this messaging service, what’s yours?

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