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Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

Qualcomm created a division focused on licensing its patents

As we report from The Inquirer, , renowned manufacturer of the ARM Snapdragon SoC and Adreno GPUs, announces plans to restructure to improve efficiency, this product is split into two companies, Qualcomm and Qualcomm Technologies inc .

Qualcomm Technology Licensing
division focused on patent licensing issues, which will take care of Qualcomm’s patent portfolio and its contribution to the community of open source (Open Source).

Qualcomm Technologies Inc
Division focused on research and development (R & D) of products, technologies, services and its semiconductor business, which will operate very similarly to what was coming by far Qualcomm.

Why this division?
Although Qualcomm CEO denies Qualcomm Technology Licensing division has been created to keep out excess patent lawsuits plaguing the smartphone market, is perhaps the main reason for this restructuring, and this division will be responsible for protecting Qualcomm to any Demand by patents.

Link: Qualcomm splits Itself Into two for patent licensing (The Inquirer)

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