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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Qualcomm is the market leader in mobile graphics

Qualcomm is the market leader in mobile graphics

When we hear about the share chart many automatically think of companies like and (the users PC and Mac) other companies such as and Samsung (the users of smartphones ), but the companies that dominate these segments are and Qualcomm, respectively, but many will ask: who sells more graphics chips from Intel and Qualcomm?

The answer to this question is clearly detailed in the latest market share analysis developed by Jon Peddie Research, which includes the full of graphics chips in the market for portable devices: notebooks, tablets, smartphones and other portable where (Adreno GPUs) leads the market with a 25%, followed by Intel with a 19%.

Apple keeps the 3rd place with a 15%, while Texas Instruments gets the 4th place (11%), Samsung with 5° (9%), AMD with 6° (6%), Nvidia with 7 th (5%), and the remaining 10% is distributed among other manufacturers as Allwinner, Amlogic, Broadcom, DMP, Freescale, Marvell, MediaTek, Rockchip, ST-Ericsson, Wonder Media (VIA), and ZiLabs (Creative Labs) .

Qualcomm is the market leader in mobile graphics image 2

The list includes only chipmakers, so companies like Imagination Technologies, ARM, Vivante and other companies that license their technologies and chip IP (intellectual property) is not listed here, where you consider that many of the Intel GPUs (Atom), Texas Instruments, Apple are manufactured licenses PowerVR GPU from Imagination Technologies, the latter would have the largest printing company with market presence.

As for Nvidia and AMD, we only considered its notebook GPUs, APUs (AMD) and SoCs like Tegra (Nvidia), so this analysis does not tell the whole story about their real participation in the graphics market, as could Intel say where his presence on desktops is much greater than that shown on laptops.

Link: New report claims Qualcomm is surprise leader in mobile GPU Shipments (ITProPortal)

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