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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Qualcomm joins HSA Foundation as a founding member

Qualcomm joins HSA Foundation as a founding member

Born nearly four months ago the initiative Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) Foundation , started by and oriented computing push the GPU accelerated multi-platform .

Foundation initially born with 5 members: AMD, ARM, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek and Texas Instruments, but over recent months have joined other key members like Samsung , Apical, Arteris, MulticoreWare, Sonics, Symbio and Vivante. Today the member joins No. 13 and perhaps one of the most important: Qualcomm, the largest manufacturer of ARM SoCs industry.

The Adreno 130, 200 and 300 Series supports the API for GPU accelerated 1.1, and Qualcomm says its future GPUs offer a growing computing power, so they believe that supporting standards where Foundation is based HSA allow their products offer higher performance and lower power consumption thanks to the calculation of their GPUs.

Undoubtedly Qualcomm joining the HSA Foundation, greatly strengthens, and it remains to prove what the eighth and important founding member (hexagon blank image) will Will Apple? Nvidia?? Does Intel? We’ll know soon.

Link: Coup for AMD: Qualcomm Joins HSA Foundation as a Founder Member (Bright Side of News)

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