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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Internet |

Questioned the effectiveness of the law of France antidescargas

Questioned the effectiveness of the law of France antidescargas

The controversial Law , the French sister of Spanish Antidescargas regarding Internet is concerned, again the center of attention in the Gallic country, this time by the criticism he has received from the current French Culture Minister , Aurelie Filippetti.

To the Minister of Culture of the new French government, the law passed during the tenure of President is not fulfilling its mission to promote legal offers of content on the Internet, much less with his “anti-piracy crusade.” as expressed in an interview published in the online edition of the magazine “Nouvel Observateur”

“The Hadopi has not fulfilled its mission of development of legal offers. Financially, 12 million per year and 60 troops is expensive to send a million emails. “

And although a few months ago we saw a report in which the French authorities claimed that since the applies was reduced by 29% access to illegal download sites, and decreased in 66% of file sharing traffic “illegally”, the sales figures do not improve content, but the opposite: 2011 marked a decline from 3.9% in the film industry, and 2.7% in the French musical.

Recall that the Hadopi Law contemplates two written warnings to users who are making sure illegal Internet downloads, action carried out by the “Authority for the Protection of Works in Internet” also in charge of locating digital pirates should send up to two warning emails. If the user does not desist in their activities ‘illegal’, that office must file the request for a judge to cut the user’s Internet connection.

“The suspension of Internet access seems like a punishment disproportionate to the aim pursued,” said Filippetti to respect.

French Minister of Culture said it has asked the president of Canal + Pierre Lescure preparing a report on the challenges of cultural exploitation in the digital age, and that until we have those results in hand, will not make a decision on to Hadopi, but in view of his criticism might think that the proposed and approved by Sarkozy’s government is doomed.

Remains to be seen what formula then propose cultural authorities of France, if you really focus on finding solutions to increase supply and affordable legal content on the Web, are worthy of our recognition, is not it?

Link: The Government of Hollande questioned Sarkozy’s anti-piracy law (20 minutes)

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