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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Entertainment |

Radio and the Internet: A happy marriage that sweeps in Spain

Radio and the Internet: A happy marriage that sweeps in Spain

What if television would kill radio. What if the would kill TV. That if technology would kill traditional media None of that! is the momentum that gives the network to overcome space limitations, for example, and each day more than “tune” stations over the Internet.

In Spain, for example, more than eleven million every month record Internet radio, according to a new study by the Association for Research in Mass Communication (AIMC) has investigated the behavior and preferences of these listeners 2.0.

“The Radio: Traditional vs. Online”, as has been called the investigation reveals that 47.2% of Internet users have accessed the Internet in the last month, while 15% of respondents said that each day combines radio with traditional radio … I suppose it while traveling in the car, for example, and from the office or home.

The truth is that smart phones and data plans have much weight in this behavior of the listener: About 18% of respondents say that they hear over the phone, although it beats the laptop, of course, with 48 %, surpassed only by the PC with 29 percent. Thus, 67% of listening time on the Internet is done at home, 25% at work and 7% to “moving”.

And what they hear? 80% of respondents say they have heard in the last month an exclusive broadcaster of the Network, while 18 percent said they heard a different content than traditional radio station and 2% said they have heard contents of a traditional station but not covered in your area.

And the big question: Will the Internet radio to end the traditional radio? Obviously the answer is no. 79% of the participants in this research claim the IACM have not reduced their time traditional radio, which means that the time spent listening to radio on the Internet what it does is add to the total time spent listening to the radio as a medium.

In my view it is very clear: It’s a matter of habit. In the case of television, is not that we do not want to see the series or movies that happen, but we are acostrumbr√ɬ°ndonos to see them at our own pace, so we prefer options VOD, for example.

With the press spends more or less the same: How many versions visited websites of the traditional newspaper or magazine? Well, apparently seen, the radio is not unlike the issue … So rather than thinking about the technology and the Internet will kill this or that means, you need to stop thinking about how to adapt to new habits consumers of content.

- More than 11 million Spanish people listen to radio over the Internet each month (Expansion)
Report AIMC

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