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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Internet |

RAE incorporates the words “tweet” “tweet” “tweet” and “tweeters” to its dictionary

The Royal Spanish Academy, RAE , said during the presentation ceremony of “Writing on the Internet: A Guide for new media and social networks” in the twenty-third edition of his dictionary in 2013 which will incorporate the terms “tweet”, ” “” tweet “and” tweeters “, which will add to the existing” tablet “,” blog “and” electronic book “.

José Manuel Blecua, director of the SAR, said that “electronic communications, Internet, social networks, constitute a revolution” and said that adding new terms recognizes “an activity engaged millions of people, individually or as representatives of institutions.

The presentation of the book, directed by journalist Mario Tascon, spoke of the “great opportunity” that is the Internet for language, and the need to care. The is unusual for this event was held in an auditorium with hundreds of attendees who sent tweets, while one of the presenters was Julian Hernandez, singer and lyricist of the band Sinister . A punk in the SAR.

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Link: The SAR includes “tweet” “tweet” “tweet” and “tweeters” to their dictionary (BBC News)

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