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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

Rambus says goodbye to 15% of its workforce

Rambus says goodbye to 15% of its workforce

A few hours ago we commented that 2012 has been the year of ARM , but not all companies can have the same degree of success, and that is that in this competitive market there is no forgiveness, and less for companies known for their bad practices. And this has been one of the worst (if not the worst) year for , our “dear” patent Troll.

Throughout this year Rambus wins court defeats have led to a very delicate situation , which has forced to announce that Rambus conduct an internal restructuring, and as the first part of this restructuring was the dismissal of 15% of its executives (most of its license area) as they will reduce their spending between U.S. $30 to 35 million annually.

Much of these savings in operating expenses will be allocated to research and development of technologies that will drive future growth and increasing profitability. Another measure is the consolidation of several of the units in which Rambus is made.

Link: Rambus Reorganizes Itself, to Lay Off 15% of Personnel (Xbit Labs)

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