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Posted by on Jul 8, 2012 in Internet |

RapidShare presents RapidDrive, his alternative to Dropbox

RapidShare presents RapidDrive, his alternative to Dropbox

This may be of interest to anyone with a premium account. And is that the service has just launched an application called RapidDrive, which basically does the same as and the like: synchronizes files stored in the cloud to the PC.

When installing RapidDrive, appears in the browser operating system files an extra hard drive, and that stores all files that have on your account. One of the great advantages that promote from RapidShare is that only locally stored files in use at one time, and in the same way, are downloaded to the user’s computer only data which are needed. The other functions, the expected: autostart at power up, automatic updates, and so on.

“With can seamlessly integrate your RapidShare account on the file system of Microsoft Windows” reads the description on the official site. For now in beta, users with account can shop around for the official site and download the application, who knows, it becomes an interesting alternative to consider.

Link: RapidDrive Beta (via TorrentFreak )

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