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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Hardware News |

Razer’s CEO says he is disappointed with the current PC hardware

Razer's CEO says he is disappointed with the current PC hardware

In an interview earlier last week expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of new laptop Razer and Blade Pro, 14 and 17 inches respectively.

Earlier this year, Razer launched their tablets Edge and Edge Pro powered with Windows 8, receiving high praise. Ming-Liang expressed their desire to continue working with Windows 8, especially with the upcoming 8.1.

He said the direct start and return to the desktop start button seem a good decision for Microsoft, despite knowing that many people are unhappy with Windows 8, it is considered a good operating system better than Windows 7. Probably says relying on improvements and corrections to be made.

On the other hand, the Razer CEO said he was disappointed with companies like HP and Dell. “They are doing a horrible job with Windows 8,” he said. He said the two companies have made a disservice to themselves, to have discredited his own past with PCs.

Ming-Linag noted that HP tried to shed its division, and said, “and no longer a company soms PCs, now we are an entrepreneurial company.” Could relativize their criticism, knowing that both HP and Dell are your competitors, in a way.

Lugo of it, began to praise Apple, talking about how his influence led to the creation Razer Laptop Razer Blade Pro A seemed like a good business opportunity that Apple has put aside the 17 inch.

“With Apple focusing more on tablets and other sizes of notebooks, suddenly, now we are the only company on the market that offers a 17-inch laptop, and it is very powerful with a good factor of thinness”. With the same influence of Apple, Razer designed an elegant 14-inch laptop aimed at gamers, and claim it is the most powerful thin laptop in the world, and especially for gamers.

We may or may not agree with some of the statements of the CEO of Razer, but what if we see, is that Razer shows great interest by gamers, but when you consider that Apple were inspired, in the elegance of their designs, also see the influence on prices. We all know that Razer devices are by no means cheap.

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