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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Internet |

ReadList: Make your own ebook with Web Site

ReadList: Make your own ebook with Web Site

Who said it was hard to write a book? Perhaps many of you have already done more than one and not you know … How is this possible? Think what would happen if right now could ye gather all of your blogs post a format … That’s what allows us to ReadList, a free web tool.

How do you do? Through URLs say. It’s simple, we entered on the page, press without fail to check in Make a button and it appears to us ReadList a screen full of spaces for entering the address.

We have the option to the left of the screen to write a description of the electronic book we are creating. Then we add addresses one by one with the Add button.

At the end when we can share our e-book on or Twitter, send it to Kindle, iPad, iPhone, email or download it to your computer (the latter always better to do, just in case …).

The results are simple, think that it is free. Uses many. EBooks can be made of the topics that most interest you with all the material to the Web, can be a recipe eBook or online marketing, or book online top 10 (the top 10 tips for Twitter, the top 10 free programs), or a book of computer graphics … Companies can use it to collect all information and articles that have appeared in press.

Imagine also that you do with your own articles. Then you can share with the readers of your blog or with your Facebook friends and followers. It is a way to promote and offer something to others … and the real effort is already done.

Or surfing at work you can discover interesting pages that you have no time to read at that time. As the links are copied, pasted into a and send the resulting e-book for example the … and it can be read on the train or bus back home.

In short: For everything you can think of.

Link: ReadList

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