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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Real time mixing Soundslice guitar tablature with YouTube videos

Real time mixing Soundslice guitar tablature with YouTube videos

Being a enthusiast often means having to find guitar tablature online, which can be a rather complex process, sites like Ultimate-Guitar have many for a particular song, but you have to have some patience to find the right , and after studying it, reading plays implement the key while playing the song.

So may end up being quite useful in helping guitarists enthusiasts. Designed by (the creator of the Django framework), it is a web application that combines YouTube videos with tabs-text-format in real time, so that guitarists can go running notes on the instrument while in background played the video of the song. Not only that, there is also the option to play the song at half the original speed without changing pitch between.

Soundslice was just released recently, so their capabilities are still limited. To begin using its benefits simply sign up for free on the site, which also allows adding transcripts, which so far can only be done manually. The idea is in the future add a more automated, characteristic for which a fee will be unspecified.

Other useful features also come in the future will be a system to show all available content, and not just the most recent, or a specific nomenclature for other stringed instruments for those who want to add scores. For now, Soundslice works pretty basic and yet it is clear that the idea is quite well designed although its implementation is still far from optimal. Surely many people who want to learn to play your favorite songs you could end up taking quite a benefit.

Link: Soundslice (via Techcrunch )

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