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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

Reality Deck: The Holodeck 1.5 gigapixels

Reality Deck: The Holodeck 1.5 gigapixels

The concept (holodeck) is finally a reality thanks to the Reality Deck, located at The Center of Excellence in Wireless an Information Technology (CEWIT) at the University Stony Brook in New York, which was capable of delivering a resolution of immersive.

is a cluster (array of computers) made by eighteen nodes, each equipped with an Intel Xeon, 48GB memory, 1TB of storage, and four video cards AMD V9800, thanks to this configuration, each node is able to control 24 monitors (90 megapixels per node, 6 monitors for video card “Eyefinity6″), each with a resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels, giving a total of 432 monitors (although apparently used Samsung monitors 416) which together show a resolution of 1.5 gigapixels, almost visual capacity of the human eye. It also has positional audio system 22.4.

This computer is intended for use in scientific applications, satellite images, climate modeling, astronomy, news analysis, monitoring criminal acts, among many other possibilities. Its high cost him away from home applications, but it is expected that in the future this technology can be adapted for use in theaters (also home theaters).

Reality Deck: The Holodeck 1.5 gigapixels image 2

Link: The Holodeck Is Real, and It’s in Stony Brook, NY (Gizmodo)

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