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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Entertainment, Venture |

Reality Show on a trip to Mars is no joke

Reality Show on a trip to Mars is no joke

One Mars is not a movie or a TV series, not a joke (or at least has not been discovered), Mars One is real and it is nothing more and nothing less than a reality show about a small group of humans traveling to Mars. And if this were not crazy enough, the trip to (if it becomes a reality) does not include return ticket, at least initially.

Yes, you read correctly. A Big Brother, The Island, Fear Factor or whatever you want to call on four humans chosen to travel to Mars. The reality show will show the process of training and selection of members of the trip, who will elimando (in global broadcast), so that in 2023 get on a spaceship and travel to Mars.

The course to Mars will also be issued to television on Earth, and their arrival and settlement in it. The risk of this (if that is done to get there) is that currently there is no plan for return trip. Since there is no equipment to do it. Although Mars One website notes that this “… is not ruled out” and that where possible build (right there on Mars) a ship back, they will.

According to the site of Mars One, the project does not need new technology, with the existing one is enough to make the project feasible. This would be the team that cosmonauts usuarían-big brother:

  • SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle Heavy as.
  • Transit vehicle / habitat built by Thales Alenia Space.
  • A variant of the Dragon as SapceX lander.
  • An inflatable habitat built by ILC Dover.
  • A rover MDA Space Missions.
  • Suits made for Mars astronauts Paragon.

The project is valued at $ 6 billion. The madman who is behind it is a Dutchman named Bas Lansdorp (born 1977) and says the reality show is the best way to make this trip a success, “.. a media spectacle” in his own words. For now, Lansdrop and team are trying to get funding, trying to convince investors that there is a fool / con man who then will get on the rocket alone with bags full of money.

A real madness that shows a raw facet of the human society. Entertainment, money, science, consumers hungry for whatever, all mixed in man’s desire to reach and populate Mars.

One says that Mars later this year will open the call for those interested in participating in the Reality Show. In case anyone is encouraged to go to Mars without a return ticket, however, in the distant Earth will be a celebrity.

As you think, I remember the interpretation of death on Mars in the movie Total Recall:

Link: Humans on Mars by 2023? (PHYS ORG)

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