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Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Science |

Reappears one of the most dismal robots we’ve seen

Reappears one of the most dismal robots we've seen

Long ago, researchers at in created something that we have ever done: a robot consisting only of the head of a baby , in a rather gloomy and whose purpose was to practice realistic human expressions. Now, we the second part of this horror movie, this time adding a torso and arms to the strange invention.

Nicknamed Affetto, this device more complex than its predecessor now aims to be able to interact with the environment and people around them, emulating the context facing a real baby to study the cognitive development of robots.

Finally, the goal is to create a full body of the same size as a child of flesh and blood, with “a soft body, lots of facial expressions and small hands,” according to Japanese consumers tell researchers. Certainly a terrible trailer for the third part of this horror movie.

Link: Horrifying robot baby wants a hug (The Verge)

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