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Posted by on Jun 26, 2012 in Economy, Internet |

Recommendations for Spain’s Digital Agenda: Using Technology to overcome the crisis

Recommendations for Spain's Digital Agenda: Using Technology to overcome the crisis

The for should be focused on the use of technology to overcome the crisis. This follows the for the preparation of this agenda has been commissioned by the government to a group of experts.

This is a set of proposals which must be put in a plan that aligns to Spain with the objectives of the European Digital Agenda, and suggest priority action lines that revolve around the following objectives:

1.-To promote the deployment of networks and services to ensure digital connectivity
Deployment of broadband infrastructure chromatography, which is necessary to transform the productive activity and enable rapid development of digital economy.

This requires balanced policy framework, sustainable and incentives for investment and innovation, which allows an adequate return to the Spanish company in terms of economic and social prosperity.

2. – To develop the digital for growth, competitiveness and internationalization of Spanish companies
This is, as explained in the of recommendations to appeal strongly to technology to boost the overall economy, with particular attention to its influence on growth, entrepreneurship and the transformation of businesses and industries to adapt to a new economy globalized, increasingly Internet-based … Come on, a key factor in reducing unemployment rates and therefore go out of the crisis.

3. – To improve the e-Government and digital solutions for efficient delivery of public services
They explain that it is transforming the Administration to improve the efficient delivery of public services. This will require reforms in the organization, processes, in relation to citizens through eGovernment and tractor on the role of government.

4. – To ensure privacy, trust and confidence in the digital
Is to develop mechanisms to ensure privacy, trust and security in the digital realm as one of the key factors to foster the development of a digital economy and a strong innovative and entrepreneurial business.

5. – Drive System R & D in Information Technologies and Communications
Find exactly boost the R + D + i as an element linked to the development of talent and future opportunities in new sectors and the necessary reforms under the current economic environment to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

6. – Promote training for digital inclusion and the formation of new ICT professionals
Explained in the Report to identify new ICT profiles oriented towards innovation and entrepreneurship and to promote training and digital inclusion for all citizens to take advantage of the possibilities of the new scenario.

As we see, these six goals or less summarized what are the recommendations of the panel: The final draft of the Digital Agenda for Spain will be announced in the coming weeks with the intention that they be comments on it.

In these recommendations is clearly defined leadership role with technology and the in the development of the Spanish economy, so clear, again, there is the key to boost the economy and ward off the crisis on the horizon …

Now, hopefully more than good intentions, and to materialize these ideas beyond capture them on paper, it is very nice but what is read, not just intentions and dreams live. Amen.

- The draft of the Spanish Digital Agenda will be announced in the coming weeks (The Economist)
- Report of the Expert Group’s recommendations High Level Digital Agenda for Spain [PDF]

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