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Reconstructed in digital form the true face of Simon Bolivar

Reconstructed in digital form the true face of Simon Bolivar

As part of the commemoration of 299 anniversary of the birth of Simon Bolivar, Venezuela’s President presented the digital Reconstruction of the face of the Liberator after the burial of his remains.

During a ceremony held in Miraflores Palace, Chavez presented a table, even though the image is not far from the popularly known through historical portraits, impressed by the quality of the image obtained.

This work is within the objectives planned by the government project that aims to reveal the events connected with the death of and the transfer of his remains grounded Venezuelan historical fact for which there was always a contentious debate over the death of hero.

The process of facial reconstruction was performed using a methodology based on the use of tools, assisted by forensic specialists, radiologists, dentists, anthropologists and usage patterns of soft tissue thickness corresponding to a segment of the population surveyed by age, ethnic origin and given diet.

These tables of population patterns were made from living people, not to alter the body fluids. The Venezuelan people surveyed were men between 40 and 45, including some with respiratory problems such as that suffered Bolivar.

Among the technological resources used to reconstruct the images stand out DICOM , algorithms product of bone loss diseases, the use of software Cinema4D provided by the German company and software Maxon Zbrush , a 3D tool to manipulate the object designed as clay. The final result was a Full HD digital image 300 pixels per inch that can be downloaded directly from the site dedicated to this work, where you can also read all the detailed steps of the process of facial reconstruction .

Reconstructed in digital form the true face of Simon Bolivar image 2

The controversial exhumation of Bolivar made in 2010 and everything after research up to this picture, shot down the assumption that President Chavez held around the death of the hero. A year ago, Chavez had launched the theory that had been killed by the Colombian oligarchy, “I believe he was killed to Simon Bolivar. I think he was murdered. I say and I take my humble responsibility to the people and before history. I have no proof, I do not know if we will, but the circumstances “.

The Criminal Investigation Unit of the Public Ministry, the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research and the Institute for Advanced Study at that time concluded that Bolivar’s death had not been killed by tuberculosis or, as claimed by the current story, but would have died of a “electrolyte imbalance” because of rectal washings treatment recommended by your doctor Prospero Reverend, to treat an infection in the colon.

Link: Chavez unveiled the true face of Bolivar (Infobae)

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