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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Software |

Recycling application source code saves the European Community 450,000 million euros

Recycling application source code saves the European Community 450,000 million euros

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The debate over the costs of implementing a complex system based on at the corporate level seems to have reached a turning point after the Libre Software World Conference 2012 held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the Italian specialist Carlo Daffara ensure that “The European economy save 450 billion euros thanks to reuse the source code of the applications that are written off to create new”, something that would be impossible to implement with licensed platforms.

This eternal struggle for a long time had an argument on the side of free software licensing cost and zero by closed products, the complexity and cost of deploying an open, requiring technical expertise and many hours working man against a closed package with guided installation and ongoing support.

The Italian Daffara argument, besides being free software consultant for the European Union, also works with CENATIC (National Reference Center for Free Software in Spain), noted that the growth of this type of software in has not only the growth of free technologies but also a high level of expertise in methodologies for code reuse technology projects in public.

“35% of the code of any software application, regardless of the license bearing the final product, and is free software reuse,” said Daffara.

He also highlighted the Spanish case, where there are many local companies, which could result in savings even more significant, considering that for every euro spent on proprietary software in Europe, “86% of the euro outside leaves,” according his words.

In the talk highlighted the case of Brazil, which was presented by Julio Cezar Neves, adviser to President of the Federal Data Processing of the Brazilian Government, who noted that a very important link communities are associated with projects Directors who are released.

Neves said that “even if it’s public projects, it is essential to support developer communities existing or created for such applications as those users introduced more innovations than the companies themselves, and a community of free software, by the way it functions , is the best way to take advantage of these innovations, improve and evolve the code, besides generating wealth in local companies, who know the code and can be exploited for its products or to provide services around those applications released. “

Quality, budgetary efficiency, high level of fault tolerance are some of the adjectives that highlighted the role of free software in public offices in Europe, where licensed packages seem to have lost the battle for now.

Link: Free software saves the European economy 450 billion euros a year (Baquia)

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