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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Reddit makes an extra become more famous than Tom Cruise

Reddit makes an extra become more famous than Tom Cruise

Today, in the curious world of the Internet, a group of people on he played a prank on the (IMDB), making a movie in one of the most popular stars of the site.

The case began when posted on Reddit a link to your own page on IMDB, in a conversation about movies about the Holocaust. The “redditors” profile found so funny that the same traffic skyrocketed, to the point that this extra name appears first in the list of actors in the movie “Jack Reacher” , above Tom Cruise, who stars the film.

It ordered that the cast of the film according to the traffic they receive the profiles of the actors, and Rhodes is now a superstar level, by about Tom Cruise. In fact it appears as number 8 of the most popular actors of the site. Following this, the redditors launched a campaign called “Rhodes to Hollywood”, to see if they can boost their internet fame beyond. They also initiated a series of rumors and funny discussions about whether Rhodes is responsible for the separation between and Katie Holmes, alleged naked photos and more in the discussion forum of your profile .

A Tom Cruise seems to have been amused by the situation, recognizing the success of the campaign via Twitter Rhodes .

How Reddit Extra made a movie more famous than Tom Cruise (HiperVocal)

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