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Refusing to pass Assange: Other options for out of London

Refusing to pass Assange: Other options for out of London

Embassy in (Agency Andes)

Yesterday, we think that the granting of asylum to Julian Assange by the Government of Ecuador , the awesome movie that has become the Wikileaks case was coming to an end, we were wrong: The story and allows for more than a trilogy, because complicated with each passing day, now adding the missing element that is none other than the refusal to grant the UK the controversial Australian journalist.

We know that Assange, who has two months living refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, can not the premises because he would be arrested by British authorities.

Therefore, to reach the airport and take the trip to Ecuador, you need a “safe passage”, ie a special permit that allows you to move to London for the airport without being arrested … It sounds relatively simple, if it were not for the British refuse to grant such permission.

And is that while yesterday and assumed that Britain could refuse to pass, many still we kept hoping that the issue was resolved “for good”, but the British insist that it is his “legal obligation” to deliver Swedish justice, so this morning the British foreign secretary, William Hague, has announced that his government will not approve a pass to enable travel to Ecuador, the founder of Wikileaks.

It is already clear: We know that if Assange leaves the Ecuadorian embassy will be arrested. What happens now? Let’s review a number of options that would have the controversial founder of Wikileaks to exit the Ecuadorian embassy, arrived at the airport and take a flight to Quito.

A car

Certainly the easiest option that we could imagine in a car is out: The vehicles have diplomatic ‘immunity’, so they can not be detained, seized or confiscated. Sounds good, right?

However it is not plain sailing far: Explain on BBC World that have confirmed that the Embassy of Ecuador in London does not have parking, so it should be carried out Assange embassy to get into a car … And it can be stopped before they succeed!

Like if you reach the airport and have to lower the car to get on the plane runs the same risk … So I think we rule out the land.

A helicopter

One option that was raised yesterday in social networks and the Internet was that taken out the Australian in a helicopter, but the truth is that option seems unlikely, not by the ‘Hollywood’ of the picture, but because it seems complicated.

The first thing is to know if the Embassy of Ecuador in London is a place where a helicopter can land. And, once in the British sky could be arrested, right? Sure, I do not imagine he will shoot down the plane, but apparently seen …


Diplomatic bags are containers used by countries to send and receive documents to and from their embassies. By law can not be opened or seized in transit, and they can be any size, so it might be a way: Meter Assange in a box, label it and send pouch plane.

It sounds ridiculous, I know, but tried before without success as told in The Trade . Moreover, it seems complicated about the size of the box, do not you think? That way I could read that out in a coffin, but I think that takes a more complex process that the bag and would not serve in this case.

Appoint diplomatic

This is another possibility that has arisen: Nationalize Ecuadorian Assange and name representative of Ecuador to the Organization of the United Nations (UN): This would give him diplomatic immunity and in theory would allow him to leave the Embassy of Ecuador in London and go to airport for your flight to Quito.

It really is the most logical option I see, I do not know why so many steps and how long it would lead then to reach Assange Ecuador. The same is you should not expect much, because as we know, the recalled that diplomatic immunity could remove the Ecuadorian Embassy, with the excuse that Assange knew that violated the law and probation to get to shelter there, so both could enter the Australian arrest, but then arm the mega diplomatic mess …

This already sounds like a battle to see who in stronger: If the United Kingdom (with the logic of Obama pressure), and Ecuador and sovereignty. So the problems with the granting of asylum is now starting. Do you gamble?

How can Assange out of the Embassy of Ecuador (BBC World)
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