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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Hardware News |

Release Dates for new CPUs Intel Haswell-MB / H, Haswell-ULT/ULX and Valleyview-M / T

Release Dates for new CPUs Intel Haswell-MB / H, Haswell-ULT/ULX and Valleyview-M / T

From VR-Zone we get information on the release dates of new microprocessors that plans to in the course of this year, a list that includes both microprocessors based on their micro-high-performance architecture Haswell, and in its micro-architecture Silvermont-saving.

Pentium and Celeron “Valleyview-M” (late August)
A few weeks ago confirmed that Intel planned to launch new Pentium and Celeron SoC based on their micro-low power architecture (originally developed for its Atom product family).

Among these new will:

  • N3510 Pentium.
  • Celeron N2910.
  • Celeron N2810.
  • Celeron N2805.

Atom Z Series “Valleyview-T” (between 28 August and 13 September)
The Atom SoC for tablets expected based Silvermont micro-architecture will debut before the half of September, but probably the first tablets based on them come between October and November.

Core SoCs for tablets fourth “Haswell-ULX” (September 1)
dual SoCs equipped with integrated graphics (IGP) GT3 (Iris Pro) segment oriented high performance tablets. Among these new SoC will:

  • Core i7-4610Y.
  • Core i5-4300Y.
  • Core i5-4302Y.
  • Core i5-4210Y.
  • Core i5-4202Y.
  • Core i3-4020Y.
  • Core i3-4012Y.
  • Pentium 3560Y.

Core SoCs for Ultrabooks fourth generation “Haswell-ULT” (September 1)
SoCs virtually identical to ​​but operating at higher operating frequencies and oriented Ultrabooks segment. Among the chips to be launched are:

  • Core i7-4600U.
  • Core i5-4300U.
  • Core i3-4005U.
  • Pentium 3556U.
  • Celeron 2980U.
  • Celeron 2955U.

Fourth-generation Core CPUs for high-end notebooks “Haswell-H” (September 1)
CPUs equipped with up to four cores and integrated graphics GT3E (Crystallwell technology: 128MB EDRAM). Among the models that will be released are:

  • Core i7-4960HQ.
  • Core i5-4200h.

Fourth-generation Core CPUs for laptops “Haswell-MB” (September 1)
CPUs for notebooks comprised of up to four cores and integrated graphics GT1/GT2. Among the new models to be launched are:

  • Core i7-4600M.
  • Core i5-4330M.
  • Core i5-4200M.
  • Core i3-4100M.
  • Core i3-4000M.
  • Pentium 3550M.
  • Celeron 2950M.

Link: Bay Trail, Core i5处ç†å™¨å°†äºŽ9月释出, Apple MacBook Pro或在åŒæœˆè¿›è¡Œæ›´æ–° (VR-Zone)


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