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Relegated women continue working in the field of technology

Relegated women continue working in the field of technology

The time when the technology was reserved for men have passed away, now, four out of ten products in the category are purchased by (according to Forrester Research consulting) demonstrating not only that societies have been transformed, but the female market opportunities are enormous. Strangely, these conditions have not been as equity weight in the workplace, even relegating the role of women in technology companies.

Last year, a U.S. government report noted that although women represent 50% of the labor force in the country, only 25% work in the area of science and technology. Meanwhile, in the UK this number is reduced to an alarming 17%, and the numbers continue to decline year on year in both countries.

According to Belinda Parmar, founder and president of the campaign Little Miss Geek , ignore or downplay the role of women in technology is unthinkable in today’s companies, a fact that should change soon if you want to earn more female audience and increase market basis.

“We have to break the perception that people who work in are sad and eccentric nerds pizza eaters. Our girls should get inspiration to become equal players in the next generation of inventors and leaders in technology. “

Gloria Moss, studious kind of marketing, noted that “on the evidence of design preferences, I always found evidence of a taste for ‘same sex’. Men prefer the designs made by men and women, the designs made by women “, but what happens when there is no gender representatives in companies?

Although it does not happen in every company or is inquebrabtable rule, one of the most used forms to reach the female audience in the field of technology is launching products smaller, slimmer and with a nice pink cover, easily political could be considered cliche, but it happens more than one might imagine.

Every October 16 is celebrated around the world on the day of Ada Lovelace, considered by many as the first programmer in history, so every year we celebrate women around the globe who have made progress in the fields of science or technologies.

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