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Posted by on Jun 23, 2013 in Hardware News |

Remove the IHS of a Core i7-4960X CPU “Ivy Bridge-E”

On previous occasions we have seen that some microprocessors like i7-3770K ‘Ivy Bridge-DT ” , Core i7-4770K “Haswell-DT” , AMD A8-3870K “Llano-DT” and A10-5800K “Trinity-DT” , have been from their (IHS or Integrated Heat Spreader), with “relatively” low risk (not recommend doing this because although not damage your microprocessor, lose your warranty).

The above cases were possible because these microprocessors using standard thermal paste to attach the of the with the IHS; procedure we recommend no other microprocessors such as Sandy Bridge-DT / E (second generation Core), AMD Zambezi / Vishera (FX Series of first and second generation), or not yet launched the Intel Core Extreme microprocessors third generation “Ivy Bridge-E”.

These last mentioned microprocessor, unlike those mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, using solder-less flux to attach the CPU die with thermal cover, a factor that greatly improve the contact between both surfaces, improving the dissipation (low temperature).

The presence of solder Flux-less, makes it almost impossible to remove the without permanently damaging the microprocessor, as shown in the images posted by the user Coolaler Toppc of forums in which shows how removed the IHS to a costly Intel Core “Ivy Bridge-E”, which must be worth more than USD $ 1000, permanently damaging it in the process (images not suitable for sensitive users):

Link: 崊阿骂勒~是è°è¯´ç”¨å•¥ç¡…è„‚4960X ~赶羚羊勒! (Coolaler)


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