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Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Science |

Renewable energy in Denmark continues to grow

Renewable energy in Denmark continues to grow

This is an example for all the people who say they “can not”. The renewable consumption increased 2.5% in in 2001, this thanks to large investments have been made in the field of production.

According to the calculation method of the European Union, 23.6% of Denmark’s energy consumption came from renewable sources, even more incredible, 40.7% of that energy was intended for home consumption. Of this total, wind power accounted for 28.1%.

The more traditional production fell 6.4% in 2011, bringing this production almost to the same levels as they had in 1990. Another interesting fact is that CO2 emissions caused by energy consumption in 2011 fell 10.6% which equates to 44.3 million tonnes.

Finally, Denmark is the only European Union country self-sufficient in energy production in 2011 was 110% of its energy needs by 2010 and 121%

Link: Denmark Renewable Energy Generation of Electricity Produced 40.7% in 2011, 28.1% Wind Energy (Clean Technica)

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