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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Internet |

Research explains how to cut internet in Syria

Research explains how to cut internet in Syria

(Cc) Maggie Osama

The company CloudFlare witnessed how from one moment to another, the communication requests from Syria yesterday fell to zero . While the country’s information ministry said that terrorists cut the cable that connects to the and therefore services were interrupted, CloudFlare conducted research that rejects this theory.

Cut a would not be enough to bring down the Internet throughout the country because has four wires that connect: three submarines and one terrestrial. To cut internet thus should have cut the four wires, which is unlikely to achieve.

Furthermore, Internet access in the country is given by the state-owned Syrian Telecommunications Establishment, which controls the main ” autonomous system “Internet access. Basically, controls access within the country. However, to connect to the rest of the Internet, cable requires international from other companies.

When hung up, the four companies that provide international connections to Syria – PCCW, Turk Telekom, Telecom Italia and TATA – simultaneously lost the to the providers within Syria. The networks could not route traffic to the IP space of Syria, effectively disconnecting the country.

In the video below, recorded by CloudFlare, you can see how the routes connecting the four international suppliers were interrupted by two minutes. The red dot represents the state-owned Syrian Telecommunications.

First cut at PCCW, diverting traffic mainly Turk Telecom. Then he hung up and TATA Telecom Italia, and 10:29 UTC, communication was interrupted Turk Telecom. After that, Syria remained offline. While at the end of the video still appears a connecting line, Cloudflare says that this is an anomaly and they have confirmed that there is also disrupted traffic.

The company’s research suggests that Syria controls a number of routers ‘peripheral’, ie that collect traffic data from one area and transmit it to where it should go. The government could have disrupted communications through a software upgrade of the routers, rather than through physical technological devices or cable cuts.

Link: How Syria turned off the Internet (CloudFlare)

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