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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Social Networks |

Researcher achieves collect million mobile users through Facebook

Researcher achieves collect million mobile users through Facebook

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A researcher named Suriya Prakash alleged that most of the numbers that are stored on not safe, making collect according to him, 500 million numbers and user names of all 600 million mobile users who have the social network .

Facebook confirmed that there is a glitch that allowed Prakash achieve this, stating that “merely” the problem, although it is unclear how much time was available and if there are others who have taken advantage of the flaw.

What made Prakash was using Facebook mobile application, where there is an option called “find friends using contacts”, which compares the phone’s contact list with phone database site to see if there is overlap of people are in your phone, but not on your friends list.

“I realized that simply ‘looking’ the number of a person (including the country code) will show their own,” says Prakash.

In other words, all you have to do is choose a random phone, look on Facebook, and if the owner allows it (something most do, according to the researcher, because the settings of the social network are confusing) , you can see the profile of the owner of that number, which usually includes the name and photo. Prakash wrote a code to automate this task by creating a of phone numbers and their corresponding owners. Needless to say, this could facilitate telephone scams, for example, where the caller would know your name.

The investigator contacted Facebook twice. In one response, the safety officer stated: “If people do not want to be found by your phone number, but does not change this setting, what can we do about it?”

Following the complaints, however, the social network limited the number of consultations by mobile phones that can be made, which would limit the effectiveness of a bot trying random numbers. After a hundred queries, Prakash said, the Facebook account will be suspended for “suspicious activity.”

Facebook said “find people by phone numbers is intentional behavior and not a bug of Facebook. By default, your privacy settings allow anyone to find you using the information you have given, as your email and phone number. You can change this setting in the privacy page. “

Changing settings

Researcher achieves collect million mobile users through Facebook image 2

On your Facebook profile, click on the “update information” and then find the box that says “Contact Information”. There appears cell you entered (if you entered one). There, you can change who can see your phone “just me”, which will make when someone visits your profile, you can not see the phone. The default setting allows your friends to see.

But this is not enough to keep you looking.

For that, go to the “Privacy Settings” located in the menu that drops down with the down arrow that appears next to your name (top right corner of the screen). Then you need to click on the “How you connect”.

Researcher achieves collect million mobile users through Facebook image 3

This is how it looks by default, and what causes you to use a tool like the one created Prakesh. To limit it, you can change the option “Who can find you on Facebook using your email address or phone number you provided?” To “friends” and strangers and can not find you.

The other option is to remove the phone number, which could save you problems.

Link: Facebook confirms researcher collected Countless phone numbers (The Next Web)

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