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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Researchers can automate part of the process in the development of CPUs

Researchers can automate part of the process in the development of CPUs

Researchers at the State University of North Carolina, USA, have devised a revolutionary method to simplify the process by which you get to make a microprocessor, which potentially could allow entry of more manufacturers to market with innovative products.

First, one must know that to create a processor, roughly what they have to companies like and are two steps: to devise and implement. In the first, a group of engineers determine the architecture and specification that maps how the components that constitute a core should be ordered to pay in a given task. And second, that architectural Design must be translated into an implementation to actually manufacture the chip, which requires another large group of engineers and can take years.

What was invented, as published in a paper , a system to automate the second part of the Development of microprocessors, engineers leaving only the task of designing the interiors, not worrying about the implementation, resulting in a product-design-that manufacturers can take to make the chips in their machines.

The most direct benefit goes to companies that design processors, like Intel and AMD, which now not only save labor, but also a long time, because instead of taking years to develop the implementation of the chip could now take only several months. And that’s why Intel and also are behind the project, providing support.

This also opens the door for other companies to enter the area, which can pool resources to assemble a group of engineers to design, but that did not have the money or time to implement the designs into real products. Thus, these new companies could focus on a little explored area of CPU design, specific products, ie create from design are designed to perform better in certain tasks and some not, something is not done in the general consumer products today, those who perform relatively well in all areas.

Link: Expediting Design Process May Boost Diversity in Multi-Core Processors (The Abstract)

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